Stability of Wuala client is a pain

I’m using the wuala client since one week with the idea to migrate all of my relevant data to the wuala cloud. Additionally I’m sharing some local space and bought some additional space to support the wuala team.

From the concept view I’m very pleased with wuala.I really like the client. The idea and usability of the wuala client is very good, simple to use and yet powerfull enough to tweak some performance. Integration into the host operating system as local share works also fine.Working offline is also cool and performance also. The client performs fine as long you play around with less files.

Now comes the but. A very big BUT. In case you store some GB of data with 10.000 and more files you get a mess. I had since last week about 6 Java exceptions killing the client and some crashes without even an error message. This is not what I excpected.

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