JungleDisk enforces DRM

Just got the answer from the helpdesk about the JungleDisk gateway from my last post:

“Jungle Disk utilizes a gateway to facilitate authentication and certain features within Jungle Disk.
Jungle Disk must validate your software license, thus, the software will need to communicate with our gateways to facilitate this request. Our use of the gateways are also employed for Sync Folders. Sync Folders require a central server to handle change notifications.
At this time, there is no way to bypass the gateway communication with version 3.0. If you wish to downgrade to version 2.62, which does not utilize our gateway system, you can do so by accessing the downloads here, http://support.jungledisk.com/entries/83791-version-2-62b-download-links.

So in fact the answer is very simple: JungleDisk has an online software license key validation, so no Internet connection or firewall blocking “jungledisk.com” means no working software. Less good-hearted people then me would call it simple an online DRM functionality. Now it’s clear why you can’t find much information about that gateway functionality.

That’s a good point for me to switch to Wuala.com.