Breaking the monopoly of big business

The new Web 2.0 infrastructure lowers the entry barrier to start new businesses. Everyone can start broadcasting, selling or organizing people without a venture capital in the back or risk. You just need time, ideas and patience. Communities can easily organize themselves, even when spread over a continent.

That’s also true for the press and media industry. Spend time writing your blog or twitter messages and people will follow you. If you are good you can make money out of it. The last article of Pit Gottschalk stands in a line of articels in the last month which discuss the actual decline of commercial newspapers.

Like the breakdown of the music industry, which lost almost their monopoly to distribute in large scale music and decide who get famous, a lot of other big businesses will suffer the same. The press had also the monopoly to distribute information in large scale and decide what will be discussed by people. It was necessary because it was expensive and difficult to create and distribute content. The new Web 2.0 services lower this barrier significantly.

Also the press got comfortable with time. Make a survey about the headlines of commercial newspaper in the world. They are very similar. Why? A lot of newspaper changed from classical journalism to discovering existing news and articles which are provided by agencies, marketing departments, organizations or just blogs. The dangerous part is, that many people start to follow the opinion and filter criteria of certain people, e.g. Pit Gottschalk , Tim OReilly or phomek, and withdraw these “retweeting” newspapers. Continue reading