JungleDisk security concern

In case you are one of the rare people who are curious about the “gateway” service of JungleDisk and search the internet about that topic you will find no answer about. Just few tickets, that the gateway fails sometime and people can’t access their Amazon S3 account.

If you are behind a firewall which blocks the domain jungledisk.com you have bad luck. The JD helpdesk was wondering about the questions why I need a gateway to connect to Amazon S3. You must go through the gateway to make the security. That made me very curious, because Amazon S3 has a straight forward https REST interface. There is no need for other security proxies:

  • Why does JD need this gateway
  • Why is there no information about the functionality in doku, help files or somewhere in the net?
  • What data reports my JD Desktop to JD?

Just opend a ticket. Keep you informed.