Ideas for Wuala workarounds

Hi Thomas,

thanks for the honest answer which fits my impression. When your product offers the customer a feature you must expect they will also use it 🙂 For a normal customer like me, a wuala file share will be treated as share and I expect the same stability and reliance.  Nevertheless there are possible workarounds as first improvements:

  • file shares are allowed to be slow: implement a throttle into the FSI when uploading or downloading to many files at once. You have already one in your wuala client. Reuse it.
  • a file share can be read only: In case you can’t guarantee in offline mode that write operations are 100% save that means they will end up some-when in the wuala cloud, switch the FSI to “read only” when offline. The user will understand that although he won’t be happy.

The mentioned problem with “Ctrl-E” or “Strg-E” in my previous post is the following: I can’t access wuala in my office therefore syncing the local wuala cache of my notebook from time to time at home with actual data. In absence of a “keep in cache” feature for directories I have to press “Ctrl-E” several times, because there is no root node for all wuala folders (myfiles, mygroups, documents, images, etc.) to start the “Ctrl-E”. This is causing sometimes problems and killing the client because he get long lists to download internally.


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