Local Backup of Online Wuala files

Hot topic with high attention to the user is still BACKUP! There are many comments to the corresponding wuala tickets with a lot of assumptions. What is not clear to me is what they really want and why. I’ll try to write some arguments with a narrow solution.

While Wuala is a very promising cloud storage service they don’t give you a promise that you will never loose your files. This is fine for the given price tag, as long as I can take the precaution myself in case I care. When using Wuala as cloud storage backup for local files you are fine, because Wuala offers already a “Backup to the cloud” feature.

In case you just want to store your data in the storage cloud you have bad luck. Unfortunately there is only a manual, error prone way to backup your data. What’s missing is an automatic feature which keeps a local shadow copy of your cloud files up to date. There are several ways how to implement this:

  • “Enhanced local Cache”: Wuala has already a “local Cache” feature which could be enhanced so you can flag directories to be always locally cached
  • “Enhance Backup”: the existing Backup feature could offer an additional option “Backup Cloud folder to local folder”. That would be the best solution in terms of the greater flexibility to add safety features, e.g:
    • check by random the checksums of several files in the local backup folder to replace the backup copy with a new one from the cloud and inform the user when the hard disk starts to degrate. This would be an incredible feature and easy to be understood by customers.
    • the local folder could be a fileshare in your network

With such a simple feature, Wuala could compensate the missing “promise” to guarantee your data.


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