facebook account a human right?

just got startled by the question what happens with your facebook account, when for any reason facebook closes or refuse you access to your account. There are plenty of reasons why this may happens and not necessarily because you violated a law.

It’s easy to create with a fresh email a new account, but you loose your social relations, your reputation you build up over time and which may be worthy something. Web 2.0 is all about collaboration with people you agreed to follow or work with. Denying your access to your facebook or twitter account has in these days huge impact on your social live.

Because the nowadays services like facebook, twitter, xing, linkedin, google, google docs and others have an overhelming market share excluding you would leave you with no real alternative. Or do you know a competitor to facebook with that many people in?

That leaves the question for me whether you get some kind of right to your account when the market shares of these services continue to raise. Your opinion is welcome.


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