Project agreement

There are many projects which follow the old phrase: “we don’t know where to go but we try to get there sooner”.
Ever got in the situation that your boss complained about the project costs after he reassigned two of your key people to other tasks? Your architect just show up at the status meeting every two weeks instead of working half time in the project? Team members unaware about their roles in the project?

The project agreement is a simple way to align all involved parties of a project: project manager, team members and your boss 🙂 But don’t missunderstand the project agreement with the customer contract or an internal paper describing the goal of the project. The agreement is a summary of all related information which define the project from the very beginning till the end.

Before you kickoff a project you should write down the agreements on which the project is based on in a single document and not afterwards. There are plenty of them, e.g:

  • internal and external project organization
  • project roles of the team members
  • escalation and change request process and organization
  • timeline of the project
  • relevant documentation
  • quality asurance process like interval of status meetings
  • budget in terms of working time or financial aspects
  • payment milestones
  • development coding convention
  • version controll process and tools
  • bug tracking

After you wrote the project agreement make it public to all involved parties and ensure that everybody understands the document. I think the rest is simple to understand thereafter.

There will be more details in one of the next blogs.


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