Display several locations in Google Maps

Here is one simple example which explains how to display several adresses with google mashup and display them in parallel as table.

Dekiwiki pages provide something called a pagebus which allows several “objects” e.g. mashup to communicate. The basic idea how to solve this problem is to publish the adresses on the page bus and configure the google mashup and dhtml table to listen on one specific channel. As additional example I show how to add dynamically adresses via a dynamic form.


  • dhtml fetches all messages from the pagebus
  • google maps only fetches those messages which are published after it is displayed
  • google maps looks for messages with attributes “address” and “label”. Every other attribute is ignored
  • if you have an error it’s likely you have a typo

{{ dhtml.form([ { field:”restaurant”, label:”restaurant” }, { field:”address”, label:”address” } ] , “Add”,100,”data1″) }}

{{dhtml.table( [ { field:”restaurant”, label:”restaurant” }, { field:”address”, label:”address” } ] , “data1” ) }}

{{ google.Map{address: ” Vienna, Austria”, zoom: “12”,subscribe:”data1″} }}

{{ pagebus.publish { channel:”data1″, message: { restaurant:’Asian noodles’, address: ‘Karlsplatz 1, Vienna, Austria’, label: ‘Asian noodles’ } } }}


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