Hierarchy and Context of objects

There are some arguments why humans are structuring their daily life in objects which are organized in hierarchies and related to a certain context.

One example is the hierarchy: countries, (federal) state, town, districts, street, house number and person. It’s actually hip to measure your geographical position in longitude and lattitude which is fine for geotagging of images but is of limited use to measure the distance of two people.

The two geotags “48° 13′;16° 22’East” and “48° 09′ North; 17° 07′ East” just tells you that the distance between this two persons ist about 65km.

Expressed in human words you get more information. One person lives in Vienna the other in Bratislava. You can derive a lot more information:
– Hierarchy: Europe>Austria>Vienna and Europe>Slovak Republic>Bratislava
– Context: it’s very likely that they don’t speak the same language (German and Slovakian) or that in the actual finanical crisis the austrian will have less troubles because his currency is Euro and not Slovak koruna.

I think we can learn a lot through this kind of examples how to organize and access the content in our computer. The question is how will we work on a future desktop


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